How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

If you’re recently engaged and beginning the wedding planning process, establishing a timeline is important. It sets the tone for your vendors, so you can search for venues that are available, buy a dress that will be altered in enough time, and find caterers, photographers and florists who are available in the amount of time you need.

The average couple spends approximately 13-18 months planning their wedding, but your timeline can vary depending on the vendors you work with and the vibe you want. If you can be flexible with your timeline, you’ll have more options when planning. However, if you love the idea of eloping or getting married in the city you love with an intimate pop-up wedding, there are vendors like Pop the Knot who have experience planning weddings on a variety of timelines.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a few tips for creating a timeline for your wedding!

The Date of Your Engagement

Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day or on a trip at the end of the summer? The date of your proposal will impact your wedding planning process. For instance, if you’d like a fall wedding after getting engaged in February, you’ll need to be willing to plan your wedding in eight months if you don’t want to wait a year and a half.

No matter how short or long your timeline, a wedding planner is a great first vendor to book. They can help you find and book vendors, and manage the small and large details for you.

Ideal Honeymoon Time

As you discuss your wedding with a wedding coordinator, they may ask you when you’d like to take your honeymoon. Depending on your career, you might need to plan your honeymoon in the summer when you’re off work or in a specific month of the year when your company is out of its busy season.

Many couples wish to leave for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, so determining your ideal honeymoon month is important when establishing your timeline. You may find you only have six months to plan your wedding in order to honeymoon at the best time. Another option is getting married and waiting a few months to leave for your honeymoon—especially if you’d like to build in more time to plan your wedding.

The Next Steps 

Whether you have short-term or long-term wedding plans, Pop the Knot can help you find pop-up wedding venues in public places that are affordable and match your aesthetic. Many venues also give discounts if you’re willing to get married on a Friday or Sunday.

The same goes for musicians, florists, photographers and caterers—if you’re willing to be flexible and open to getting married on one of the less popular days, you’ll have no problem booking vendors in the timeline you need.

If you’re planning a wedding with a short turnaround time, it’s also possible to save time by picking a dress that already fits you perfectly and doesn’t need alterations.

If you want a quick, pop-up wedding that’s stress-free, Pop The Knot can help create your perfect day. Contact us today!

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Should You Wear a Veil? The Benefits and Alternatives to This Wedding Tradition

To quote Shakespeare, to veil or not to veil–that is the question. Veils have been a glorified wedding tradition for decades, and I have to admit, there’s something timeless and romantic about imagining yourself sharing vows with your groom and having him lift your veil before your first kiss as husband and wife.

But for many brides, shielding their face with a veil or adding a bulky piece of fabric to their hair seems outdated and unnecessary. Ultimately, your love is the most important part of your wedding. Determining if you want to wear a veil is just another decision that will help you personalize your wedding, so it becomes a day to remember!

Finding the Right Veil

If you’ve always imagined yourself walking down the aisle with a veil, start by trying on a few different veils with your wedding dress. Many veils have details, such as lace or beading, that won’t complement the look of your dress. So make sure you try on veils with your dress, so you can find the perfect match.

It’s also helpful to have an idea of your wedding hairstyle. If you have a strong imagination, you’ll be able to determine if a long or short veil will pair with your hairstyle. If you’d prefer to see it in person, consider getting your hair styled before you try on veils. This will make the decision much easier!

You’ll also want to try on various styles of veils. For instance, you may think veils are too traditional until you find one that has a modern edge such as the bandeau veil. And if you want a traditional ceremony, but want to let loose at your reception, there’s no rulebook saying you have to keep your veil on the entire wedding! Wear it for the ceremony and take it off for the reception. The choice is yours!

Veil Alternatives

Have you tried on multiple veils and can’t find one that makes you feel comfortable? For many women, especially millennials, veils are too traditional — and that’s okay! There are plenty of beautiful veil alternatives that can complement the theme of your wedding:

  • Hair combs — With beautiful beading, pearls and diamonds, hair combs are accessories that make a statement. For many wedding hairstyles, a comb can stand on its own without a veil for a sophisticated look. You can also find wedding headpieces that are similar to combs with elegant draping, timeless pearls, and soft flowers.
  • Headband– If you’re looking for something that stands out more than hair combs, consider a headband! Jeweled headbands often look similar to crowns if you want a fairytale, princess vibe on the day of your wedding. If you’re going for a more natural, earthy style, many headbands have feathers attached for a softer feel. 
  • Flowers– Whether you create a headband with one colorful flower for a tropical look, opt for a boho wraparound headband with greenery and blooms, or place baby’s breath in your hair as it cascades down your shoulders, flowers are a delicate alternative to the traditional veil. Who can resist more flowers?

At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on the day of your wedding. Determine if a veil can make you feel that way, and go from there.

To get started planning an affordable pop-up wedding, contact Pop the Knot. We’ll help you create a magical day you’ll remember forever!

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Greenery: The 2017 Wedding Color of the Year

At the beginning of the year, Pantone announced greenery as its color of the year. Symbolic of new beginnings, greenery is a bright, vibrant hue that resembles the trees and leaves around us.

Greenery celebrates nature and the environment, and most people think it’s the perfect match for outdoor and rustic weddings. While this is true, greenery also has a magical, ethereal quality. If you’re going for classic romance or a fairytale theme, you can add some white and cream-colored flowers to the greenery to show off your feminine side.

Let’s take a look at how greenery can work any time of year — and how you can tie it into other elements of your wedding, not just the flowers.


For a spring wedding ceremony, greenery is a great way to add some youthfulness to your day and celebrate all that’s blooming around you. Add different shades of yellow flowers, including both pale and bright, to your bouquet for a sunny appearance. Crisp white flowers can also be sophisticated, delicate accent colors.

When it comes to your cake, you can add greenery as an accent color by asking your baker to include edible green flowers or create a vine out of icing that cascades down the side of your cake. Not only will this match your springtime theme, but it will photograph extremely well!


Are you celebrating the heat of the summer with a bold, colorful wedding? Try adding shades of magenta, indigo and royal blue to your green flower arrangements.

Greenery can even be the perfect color for your bridesmaids’ dresses if you want to incorporate spunky, fun-loving hues. Want to be a bit more subtle? Ask your hairdresser and/or stylist to create flower crowns full of white flowers like baby’s breath, and plenty of warm greenery. This boho chic trend is beautiful for various hairstyles, and many brides are choosing to wear headpieces instead of veils.


If you’re planning a fall wedding and want to capture the warm, golden hues around you, start by adding natural browns and tans, and deep reds and oranges, to your palette. You’ll tame the brightness of the greenery while still showing off the beauty of nature.

For your centerpieces and bouquets, make sure to keep the leaves and stems intact so you can truly embrace the color. Add some warmth and neutrals to the centerpieces by incorporating candles, twine, wood slices, or antique vases to the table. If you’re extra passionate about the environment, you can even use succulents in your centerpieces!  


A winter wedding ceremony can be a cozy celebration during one of the most festive times of year. While the earth may be frozen, you can still add color to your wedding by combining greenery with deep blues and grays.

For your invitations, there are plenty of creative ways to add greenery to the paper–whether it’s colored fonts, dried flowers or engraved leaves. Especially in the heart of winter, this can be a vivid, refreshing palette.

Are you ready to incorporate greenery into your wedding? Pop The Knot can help you manage the details. We have the experience and connections to help you create an intimate wedding that is centered around your love. Contact us today!

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What to Know About the “False First Look” Wedding Trend

The “first look” wedding trend has been filling our newsfeeds for the last few years, but are you on the fence about whether it’s the trend for you? Many brides and grooms choose to have a first look where they get to see each other moments before walking down the aisle. For a lot of couples, the first look helps calm some of their nerves and gives them an intimate moment together before joining the rest of their family and friends.

If you like the romance of the first look trend, but still imagine the awestruck look of your groom when he sees you for the first time at the altar, the “false” first look can be a great compromise.

What Is It?

Your photographer will help you find the perfect spot at your pop-up wedding venue to do the false first look. It should be a place that allows you to grab hands or hear each other’s voices without actually seeing each other.

It still gives you the romance of sharing a special moment together, but you won’t give away the surprise of your dress and the magic of seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle. It’s often an emotional moment for couples and a stunning photo opportunity.

Not sure where to start? Try a few of these locations:

  • A Tree – If you’re having an outdoorsy wedding, a giant oak tree can be the perfect backdrop for your false first look. Each of you can stand on different sides of the tree and share sweet messages or hold each other’s hands one last time before the wedding begins.
  • A Door- Stand on both sides of a half-open door and enjoy the exciting combination of being next to each other without being able to see one another!
  • A Corner – Choose a brick-covered corner of a building on your venue for a classic, antique photo. The bride can stand on one side of the corner with the groom on the other. As you enjoy a moment of peace before the wedding begins, your photographer can capture the romantic looks on both of your faces.

What makes the false first look even more romantic is that your photographer can capture your sweet interactions, including notes that you exchange or gifts that you hand each other. If one of you is a musician, you can even consider playing a special song! The moment is even more powerful knowing you can’t see each other.

When you plan your pop-up wedding with Pop The Knot, we can help you coordinate your photography to include the false first look. Contact us today!

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Best Places to Have an Affordable Atlanta Wedding

Do you love the vibrant, historic city of Atlanta? If you’re looking to have an affordable wedding in the city, consider a pop-up wedding. Check out some of our favorite locations for scenic pop-up weddings in Atlanta!

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Theme: Simplistic Fairytale

If you want a fairytale setting where you’re surrounded by orchids, maples and roses, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a beautiful wedding venue. They have various ceremony options including a rose garden, a gazebo with a view of the pond, and a private garden and patio. They even have an edible garden and outdoor kitchen full of colorful fruits and vegetables and a chef who showcases seasonal recipes! This is the perfect place to surround yourself with nature and beauty as you say “I do” overlooking the city.

Trolley Barn

Theme: Rustic Elegance

Looking for something a little more rustic? The Trolley Barn housed the first electric street railway line in Atlanta! With a brick patio, lush garden, and wood-beam ceilings, the barn offers beautiful photo opportunities for a rustic, elegant wedding.  

Old Fourth Ward

Theme: Historic Charm

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward is a historic neighborhood full of art and history. Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up in this neighborhood! With the beautiful Jackson Street Bridge that has breathtaking views of the Atlanta skyline to endless markets, brunch spots, and music venues, this authentic neighborhood is a charming spot for your wedding.

Piedmont Park

Theme: Waterfront Magic

Piedmont Park is an urban park in Atlanta just northeast of the downtown area. There’s a lake in the heart of the park, and the dock and lawn area stunning places to have a wedding ceremony with a view. If you’re looking for beautiful landscaping and a ceremony where you can see your reflection in the water, Piedmont Park is a magical Atlanta attraction.

East Palisades

Theme: Intimate and Serene

While this is traditionally a hike along on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, the views are gorgeous and there are plenty of hidden spots for an intimate wedding ceremony. What makes the trail so unique is a grove of 30-foot tall bamboo stalks. The bamboo forest even has an antique alpaca treehouse 15 feet above the forest, which makes it a hidden gem for peaceful, intimate weddings that celebrate nature!

If you’ve dreamt of having your wedding in the beautiful city of Atlanta, but don’t want to spend a fortune, Pop The Knot can help.  You can choose your own venue or we can help you find a scenic location that’s perfect for an affordable pop-up wedding. Whether you’re looking for a natural outdoor setting or a charming ceremony with a historic feel, we’ll make the planning process stress-free! Contact us today.

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5 Scenic Locations for Affordable Pop-Up Weddings in Boston

Whether you want to get married in charming, brick-lined streets or set sail and enjoy views of the bay, Boston offers the perfect mix of natural beauty and history. If you’re in love with the city but don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding, pop-up weddings are a great way to focus on what truly matters: your love!

We can help you plan an intimate ceremony in the park you first met, or host your ceremony along the harbor overlooking the water. Take a look at five of our favorite areas in Boston that can serve as stunning pop-up wedding venues!

Boston Common

Are you and your partner history buffs? Boston Common is America’s oldest park and a scenic pop-up wedding venue! With trees, fountains, and plenty of green space, you can be in the heart of the city while still enjoying nature.

The park is also adjacent to Boston’s Public Garden, the first public botanical garden in America. During your ceremony, you’ll add to the romance of the day with relaxing views of the water, bright flowers, and 24 acres of natural oasis!

Boston Harborwalk

If you’re looking for a quiet ceremony location along the harbor, Boston Harborwalk follows the edges of the city’s piers, beaches, and shoreline. Set sail and consider having your ceremony on a boat during sunrise or sunset!

For higher views of the city’s skyline and an elegant feel, there are plenty of rooftops along the harbor that can be romantic pop-up wedding venues. If you’re envisioning a more laid-back ceremony, go barefoot on one of the city’s charming shorelines with the glow of the city in the background.  

Boston Esplanade

The Esplanade is a public park on the Boston side of the Charles River, and it’s an idyllic place full of historic sculptures and architectural wonders. Typically the park is more of a local spot and tough for tourists to find, making it an intimate place to get married.

For fall weddings with a lot of foliage and scenery, the Esplanade is a great option. The park has quaint footbridges that span across the river and make for beautiful photo opportunities!

Boston Public Library

Whether you’re a casual reader or an avid bookworm, the Boston Public Library is the ideal venue for a quaint pop-up wedding. We can help you arrange for a ceremony in a single reading room, surrounded by books and antique lamp lighting. They also have a historic courtyard if you’re looking for an outdoor option with elegant pillars and refreshing green space.   

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is Cambridge’s historic neighborhood and a popular spot in Boston. If you envision having your ceremony in brick-lined streets with the breeze blowing against your hair, or you’d rather have a quiet ceremony in one of the multiple art museums, Harvard Square is a sophisticated choice for your pop-up wedding.

Are you ready to get married in Boston? Pop The Knot makes planning your wedding affordable and easy. Contact us to start planning your elopement or pop-up wedding in Boston!

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Celebrity Elopements

Jessica Alba did it, you should do it too!  Pop-up weddings and elopements are all the rave these days as people try to save money on the over-rated wedding and spend it on things that truly matter. Here are some of the most famous couple’s who eloped and why you should do it too:

Isla Fischer and Sacha Baron Cohen

This couple is known for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules which is the perfect reason to elope.  When you have a traditional wedding, everyone wants to give their opinions and input. When you have a pop-up wedding or elopement, it is the polite version of giving the finger to the unsolicited opinions.

Jessica Abla and Cash Warren

These 2 eloped while Jessica was pregnant.  A pop-up pregnancy is a great reason to have a pop-up wedding.  Not just so that you can be married when the baby comes as that is totally a preference thing.  But so that you have money when the baby comes, which is totally a necessity thing.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

This couple is truly bad-ass as they were not even engaged when they decided to elope.  If you are looking to surprise the world with your Facebook update that you are now married, eloping is the way to go.

If you want to have a pop-up wedding contact Pop The Knot today!  We offer true pop-up weddings all over the US and pop-up weddings with venues in NYC, LA, and SF.  Contact us today!


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Los Angeles Elopement Packages Launched

We at Pop The Knot are so excited to have finally launched our Los Angeles Elopement Packages!  If you are planning your LA pop-up wedding, you might be wondering where to have it.  We offer plenty of unique options on our site and all of them include an officiant, photographer, and bridal bouquet.  Here are our top choices for where to pop the knot in Los Angeles:


When you think Los Angeles, you think beaches.  And yes, we have lots of those too.  But we also offer some amazing venues with great views of the city skyline.  You know, that skyline you see in like every movie?  If the beach just isn’t for you, I bet the city is!


No list about where to have a Los Angeles pop-up wedding could be complete without suggesting the beach.  With miles and miles of sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean, you are sure to have some amazing wedding photos if you choose to say your nuptials here.


Yes, we have the best of all worlds here in LA.  We have city skylines, mountains, beaches, and gardens too.  If you are looking to pop the knot in nature, then doing so in a garden is a great idea.

If you want to get started with your hassle free elopement or pop-up wedding, contact us today!  We have the experience and connections to provide you a stress-free wedding day so that you can just focus on your love.

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New York City Pop-Up Wedding

Do I have the most awesome bride and grooms?  Umm yea, I do!!  My stylish bride Lydia contacted me to plan a New York pop-up wedding and wanted to do it using our package The Grand.  She and Seth are self described “wanderlusters” so they felt that getting married at Grand Central Station was the perfect place for them.  They decided to pop the knot on December 17th, hence the amazing Christmas themed wedding sign above.

Now, I knew Lydia was cool from the moment we started working together.  In fact, she even invited me to a bar for some drinks.  Hello, can you say friendly?  But when Lydia forgot her Pop The Knot bouquet at the hotel and decided to grab some impromptu decor from the food court (see above), then I realized how lucky I am to have had her as a client.  Just a super chill and nice person.  And umm hello, check out the stunning evening gown and shoes she chose for her elopement.  And Seth looks pretty dapper too!

Once Lydia arrived the ceremony began.  It was filled with laughs, just the way Lydia liked it.  And then once the legalities were over, Lydia and Seth got to take some great wedding photos which lets face it, is what it is all about!

If you want to get started planning your New York elopement or pop-up wedding, contact Pop The Knot today.  Our top notch team will help you plan a perfect day so you can just relax and focus on who you are marrying.  Contact us today!

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Sneak Peek of Pop The Knot’s Bridal Bouquets

Just because you are planning a pop-up wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing bridal bouquet.  When you book a pop-up wedding or elopement package with Pop The Knot, you receive an email with a list of vendors to choose from and more exciting, 4 bridal bouquets to choose from!  We even have an option to upgrade to orchids!  Of course, each bouquet comes with a matching boutonniere, or if you are having a same-sex marriage you can get 2 bouquets or 2 boutonnieres.  We are so excited to share with you our 4 bouquets you can choose from when you book with us.  Also, you can ask for some customizations as well!

Bold & Beautiful

Above is our lovely Bold & Beautiful bouquet that Rene chose for her vow renewal to Bill. You can see all of her pop-up wedding on our gallery!  This bouquet is a bold and rich colored bouquet featuring garden roses, ranunculus, helleborus , peonies when in season, and Italian ruscus greens!

Classic White


No bridal bouquet would be complete without a bouquet of classic calla lilies.  Each bouquet is hand-tied with a satin ribbon.  Oh yea, and the look on her face is because we surprised her with her own wedding!

Modern Blushing

This bouquet is also shown on the top of the page from Erin’s pop-up wedding in Central Park.  This stunning modern bouquet is filled with blush tones using peach and cream garden roses and dahlias when in season.

Pretty Colorful

This bright bouquet is made with roses of your chosen color and other complimentary florals.

The Upgrade to Orchids

Because orchids are so expensive, we couldn’t offer it in the base price but we couldn’t leave it out either!  So under the upgrades tab of ever pop-up wedding package you will find an updated bridal bouquet.  The photo above was from Mike and Candace’s pop-up wedding which you can see in our gallery.

If you want to start planning your pop-up wedding, contact Pop The Knot today.  We currently offer New York and San Francisco Elopement Packages and we are expanding to Los Angeles and Chicago now.  Contact us today!

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How To Get A Marriage License in San Francisco

If you are planning a San Francisco elopement, you are going to need a California marriage license.  Here are some important things you will need to know in order to be granted a license to wed in San Francisco:

How To Apply

You and your partner will both need to go to the Office of the County Clerk together in order to apply for the license.  Make sure you both have a legal photo ID with you.  Currently, San Francisco’s marriage license fee is $100 (subject to change) plus $5 convenience fee payable by credit card at the time of booking appointment online.  They do not offer any refunds so if you change your mind, you are out of luck! If you have been divorced, you do need to know your exact divorce date.


Be over 18 and have valid legal identification


A ceremony must occur within 90 days from the date the license is issued.  A ceremony may take place anywhere within the State of California.

For more information about the marriage license process, see here.

That’s it!  Pretty easy huh?  And we at Pop The Knot think your wedding should be easy too.  Don’t waste a year or more of your life planning a wedding that is more for your guests than you!  Check out our San Francisco elopement packages and pop the knot your way!


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San Francisco Elopement Packages


We are so excited to have finally launched our San Francisco Elopement Packages and Pop-Up Weddings!! Our packages were so popular in NYC and we got so many requests in San Francisco that we decided to make it our next city.  With such a variety of venues to choose from, it will be hard to decide which wedding venue is best for you.  Here are some highlights from the venues we offer:


We offer several elopement packages where the views are amazing.  Our Golden Museum venue features an up-close view of the Golden Gate Bridge, our Roof Deck offers spectacular views of the Bay, and our Gazebo venue even offers views of Alcatraz.


If you prefer to be amongst nature then we have some options for you and they all include permits!  The Nature package offers lakes and waterfalls, The Garden provides some of the most stunning garden options in the city, and The Heights offers dramatic trees for your wedding backdrop.


Weather can be a concern in San Francisco so most of our venues have a rain option.  But we also offer indoor venues such as The Art or The Historic.

If you want to get started planning your San Francisco pop-up wedding or elopement, contact Pop The Knot today.  All of our packages include a location, officiant, photographer, and bouquet/boutonniere.

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Pop The Knot Featured on Yahoo Style!


We are so honored to have been interviewed for an article on Yahoo! Style.  Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Michele Velazquez was running her proposal-planning business, The Heart Bandits, when she came across the pop-up concept and decided to start New York-based Pop the Knot earlier this year.  She operates under a different model than the others, planning only one wedding at a time.

“We work with venues to fill in their slow seasons and times where they wouldn’t necessarily have a lot of bookings,” Velazquez said, explaining how she books places like the Bryant Park Hotel for a morning wedding. A venue that normally charges $14,000 can be rented for as low as $2,000 this way.  She also arranges for weddings in parks that wouldn’t be as feasible with big weddings. “If you had your first kiss in a gazebo in the park, you can get married there.”

You can read the rest of the article here, be sure to select “Read More.”  If you want to get started planning your pop-up wedding, contact Pop The Knot today.  Check out our packages and if you don’t see your city listed or a package you love, email us to see how we can help!

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Candace & Mike’s Pop-Up Wedding

I am so excited to share this stunning New York pop-up wedding that we planned for Candace and Mike.  Ok, first off…..could the photo above BE any more stunning?  That is the kind of amazing photos you can expect from our photographers at Pop The Knot.  Ok, moving on.  Candace and Mike came to us because they wanted to plan a simple and intimate wedding in Central Park.  They chose our Central Park Classic package with an upgraded bouquet, guitarist, and customized styling.  Speaking of customized styling, Candace wanted gorgeous decor including white gardenias at her feet so we came up with the idea to decorate the cove with baby’s breath garland and then have gold lanterns, white rose petals, and 2 bouquets of white gardenias with trailing greenery at her feet which turned out gorgeous!


 Mike and Candace both looked so stunning.  Check out Mike in his dapper tuxedo, anxiously waiting for his blushing bride.

She’s here!!!

Candace was escorted by her father.  She is seen below carrying our upgraded bridal bouquet of orchids.

Then the ceremony began and so did the tears!

They are pronounced husband and wife….and they live happily ever after.

If you want to get started planning your pop-up wedding, elopement, or intimate wedding contact Pop The Knot today.  We offer true-pop up wedding packages and elopement packages with a venue.  All of our packages include an officiant, photographer, and bouquet/boutonniere.  Contact us today!!

Pop-Up Wedding Planning by: Pop The Knot

Photography: By Petronella Photography

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San Francisco Pop-Up Wedding


San Francisco is a beautiful city and is the perfect location for your pop-up wedding.   This cultural epicenter of Northern California has a little bit of everything and you are sure to find something about it that you would just love to incorporate into your special day.  Here are 5 reasons to consider a San Francisco Pop-Up Wedding:

Eclectic Architecture

There is amazing architecture in San Francisco which can be the perfect backdrop for your pop-up wedding.  The dome at Palace of the Fine Arts, Lombard Street, and Alamo Square are just a few and we at Pop The Knot offer packages for pop-up weddings incorporating these special landmarks.


San Francisco has some very dramatic views.  Consider having your pop-up wedding on the beach with a view of the Pacific Ocean in the background.  What about a park looking out to the Golden Gate Bridge?  There are just so many beautiful options that would make your wedding pictures look stunning.

Cable Cars

Where else can you find working Cable Cars?  You could have your pop-up wedding on one or with one in the background!

Tourist Destination

Because San Francisco is a hot tourist destination, you could plan a whole trip around your pop-up wedding.  Have a quick, affordable wedding and then use all that money you would have blown on one day and spend it on an all-out vacation!


San Francisco is one of the most diverse and accepting communities in the US.  Interracial couples, interfaith couples, LGBT couples, and any other couples will be welcomed with open arms making it a great place for anyone to have a pop-up wedding.

If you want to get started planning your SF pop-up wedding or elopement, contact Pop The Knot today.  All of our packages include a location, officiant, photographer, and bouquet/boutonniere.

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