3 Signs You Should Plan an Elopement Instead of A Wedding

Have you been considering planning an elopement instead of a wedding? If you can’t decide which type of ceremony you want, take into consideration these 3 signs.

Money is tight

Lets face it, planning a wedding can get extremely expensive. Not everyone has the funds saved up or family help to cover the expenses of a wedding. Maybe you would prefer spending the money elsewhere like on your honeymoon. The good news is that elopements can still be beautiful ceremonies that are more cost effective.

You want to get married right away

There are plenty of reasons why couples want to get married as soon as possible. Maybe you’re expecting a baby, or maybe you just can’t wait any longer. If you and your partner are looking to get married sooner than later, an elopement is the perfect solution because it’s much easier to pull off in a short amount of time.

Decision making causes stress

When planning a wedding there are endless decisions that have to be made. From choosing a venue, to small details like where your cousin’s girlfriend will be sitting, are just some examples of things you have to consider. If making decisions stresses you out, then you would probably be happier planning an elopement. Our expert elopement planners have created pop-up wedding packages to take out all of the stress that a typical wedding would have.

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide which way to go, consider the above factors before you make a decision. The most important thing is that this process is enjoyable to you and your partner. If planning stresses you out, contact our pop-up wedding planners to help you choose an all inclusive elopement package!

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Renew your Vows with a Pop-Up Wedding

Vow Renewal

Renewing your vows is a great way to take you back to your wedding day. It’s a reminder of those special words you promised each other on the day you said, “I do.” Whether you got married a year ago, or ten years ago, everyday life of kids and work can sometimes get in the way. Taking a step back from your daily routine to recommit to your marriage can be a beautiful thing. If you’re thinking of renewing your vows this year, an elopement or pop-up-wedding vow renewal is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage and here’s why:

Focus on love

If you planned a bigger wedding your first time around, you probably know how easy it is to get lost in the small details. From what type of food you’re having, to your extravagant table arrangements, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Having a smaller pop-up wedding allows you to focus on what really matters, your love for each other.

Stress Free

Wedding planning can be very stressful. You start thinking about things like where your annoying cousin’s girlfriend will be sitting, or finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses. This time around wouldn’t it be nice to forget about the stress and focus in on your vow renewal.

Cost Effective

Another benefit to planning an elopement for your vow renewal is that it’s cost effective. If you’ve already had your big dream wedding, now is the time to renew your vows and save some money doing it! Our packages include everything your special day needs; a venue, an officiant, a photographer, and a bouquet all for one affordable price!

cIf you’re thinking about planning a vow renewal this year, make sure you check out our elopement packages and let us do the hard work for you! This time around it should be as stress-free as possible. Our expert elopement planners are here to make your vow renewal a day you’ll never forget.

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Benefits of Eloping in Los Angeles

LA Elopement

Los Angles is a beautiful town with much to offer. There’s gorgeous beaches, mountains, gardens, and even stunning city views. Its no wonder LA is a great place to plan your elopement. Our pop-up wedding planners put together a list of the top 5 reasons you should plan an elopement in LA!

1. Perfect Weather

Forget about worrying if it will rain on your big day! A typical day in LA is usually 75 and sunny, so it makes for the perfect outdoor elopement weather. There’s also a large number of outdoor elopement venues to choose from.

2. Beaches

If you’re looking for a casual pop-up wedding, a beach elopement is perfect for you! Los Angeles has some pretty amazing beaches to choose from. Both Laguna and Malibu offer beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

3. Scenery

With that being said; LA also offers gorgeous scenery. There’s views with snow capped mountains in the distance, beach cliffs with sunsets, and stunning city skylines.

4. Variety of Venues

Los Angeles is a big city with a ton of different venues to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, or a rooftop Downtown, there’s no shortage of great venues.

5. Variety of Vendors 

LA is a city filled with glamour and parties, so there’s also a great deal of experienced vendors like photographers and florists in the area.

Planning an elopement should be an amazing and stress free experience. If you’re thinking about planning your big day, contact our expert pop-up wedding planners and we can help pick a package that’ll exceed your dreams.

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Pros to Eloping in Austin Texas

Austin Elopement Planner

Austin is known for its year round sunshine and natural beauty, which makes it an ideal city to plan an elopement. It’s no wonder why so many people want to get married here! That’s why we’re so excited to share we just launched our Austin elopement packages!

If you’ve been thinking about the perfect city to plan your elopement, our expert pop-up wedding planners made a list of why you should pick Austin!

1. Perfect Weather

Austin is known for it’s beautiful sunny days, which makes it an ideal city to tie the knot. Forget about the rain! There are a variety of outdoor venues to choose from, like our Central Austin Package, which offers a gorgeous outdoor ceremony area and a rustic chic indoor venue as well.

2. Trendy Venues

The city of Austin has a trendy vibe and offers a variety of venues for those looking for more unique elopements. If you’re searching for a rustic or vintage looking venue, our Clubhouse package is perfect for you.

3. Gorgeous Gardens

Austin has some of the most beautiful gardens to tie the knot in. The best part about getting married in a garden is all the decorating is already done for you by none other than Mother Nature! If you’re looking for lush greenery, check out our Charming Garden package, which offers pretty blooms as a perfect backdrop.

4. Chapels

Austin has no shortage of wedding chapels that are both indoor and outdoor. If you’re looking for a vintage style chapel to elope in, our elopement package The Chapel, features a charming open-air chapel with greenery and tress in the background.

As you can see, Austin is one of the most popular places to plan a pop-up wedding. If you’re looking for help planning your dream elopement in Austin, contact our expert pop-up wedding planners today!

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Affordable Bridesmaid Gifts


Let’s face it; weddings can be expensive. If you’re currently planning your pop-up wedding and trying to stick to a budget, it makes sense to factor in the cost for things such as bridesmaids gifts. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to show your friends how thankful you are. We’ve put together a list of affordable gifts to thank your friends for being by your side at your pop-up wedding.

Champagne Lovers

If your friends love champagne, Sugarfina makes yummy gummy bears infused with champagne. They start at $8 a box and make for a super sweet and cute gift.

Personalized Jewelry

We love the idea of getting your friends initial on a necklace or bracelet. It’s personalized so it shows you put in the extra time to make it special just for them.

Yummy Candle

Candles are always a great gift because it’s something everyone could use, but maybe not buy for themselves.

Silky PJS

We love the idea of getting your girls a PJ set that they can wear while getting ready for the big day!

Spa Lover

If you’re girlfriends love a good spa day, make them a customized bath set filled with their favorite lotions, bath oils, and shower gels. They’ll appreciate that you put together a set of their favorite things on your own.

We all know weddings can be expensive. That’s why it’s so important to stick to a budget, even when buying gifts for your best girls. There are many ways to can make your girlfriends feel special without going overboard. If you’re thinking about planning a pop-up wedding, contact our expert elopement planners today and we’ll help bring your dream wedding to life without breaking the bank!

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Best Pop-Up Weddings From 2018

Happy New Year! We’ve had an amazing year, and couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead. We love helping our clients plan their special day, and we are so thankful to have worked with some great couples over the years. As pop-up wedding planners, we want to look back at some of our favorite pop-up weddings from 2018:

Pamela & James’ NYC Pop-Up Wedding

Ny Pop-Up Wedding

NY-Pop Up

Pamela and James booked our Twentieth package, and exchanged vows 20 stories high on a private rooftop terrace. We loved their elopement because of the impeccable style game they brought. Pamela’s dress was gorgeous and her bridal party wore fun, sparkly, rose colored dresses. James looked very dapper as well as all of his groomsmen.  You can tell from their photos how much fun they had and we had just as much fun planning it!

Hannah & Hunter’s San Francisco Pop-Up Wedding

San Fran Pop-Up wedding

San Fran Pop-Up

Hannah and Hunter had a stunning pop-up elopement in San Francisco. They booked our Outlook package, and said “I Do” on this amazing platform with views of the ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, and costal bluffs as far as the eye can see. We loved their pop-up wedding because everything about the couple just seemed so elegant, even their dog!!

Maria and Solomon’s LA Pop-Up Wedding

Malibu Elopement

Malibu Pop-Up Wedding

Maria and Solomon booked our Los Angeles Beach package. They had an intimate elopement on a perfect sunny day in Malibu with close friends and family. We absolutely loved their pop-up because we found the perfect beach for them which made for stunning wedding photos.  They both looked incredible!

If you’re ready to plan your own romantic pop-up wedding this year, check out our elopement packages and we can help bring your vision to life!

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Top 2019 Wedding Trends for Your Elopement

2019 Wedding Trends

The start of a brand new year brings new weddings trends! If you’re planning an elopement this year, it’s a good idea to be aware of some trends on the rise to help inspire you. Below we’ve made a list of the top 3 weddings trends of 2019.

Forget a Color Scheme               

This year it’s less about having matching colors, and more about adding creativity! Instead of asking your bridal party to all wear the same color, be open to the idea of asking them to wear a spectrum of different shades. This allows for more personality to come through and adds character to your wedding.

Less is More

In 2019, we’re predicting that we’ll see less of the extravagant weddings and more minimalism, especially when it comes to bridal bouquets. If you’re wondering what to choose, think smaller bouquets but still very bold. Earthy and natural tones will also be trending this year.

Less Formal

In addition, the weddings this year will be less extravagant and more personalized. We’re predicting that we’ll see table arrangements that are less lavish and simpler. Brides also want smaller wedding parties this year, so think about the handful of people that are very close to you, and maybe nix the third cousin.

2019 is all about creating a personalized wedding and less about the extravagance. If you’re ready to plan your intimate pop-up wedding, contact Pop the Knot today, and we’ll help you every step of the way!

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Pros and Cons to New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Years Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve is a magical holiday filled with love and excitement. There’s romance, champagne, and even midnight kisses. It all sounds like a great idea, but there are other factors to consider when planning a New Year’s Eve elopement wedding. If you’re thinking about eloping this New Year’s, we’ve put together a list of pros and con’s to help you decide.

Here are some pros:

Fun Party Atmosphere

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebratory holidays, so your wedding is sure to be a good time! Many of your guests will stay the entire event to receive their kiss and countdown the New Year!

Memorable Wedding Anniversary 

Who could forget New Year’s Eve? The great part about having your wedding on this holiday is you’ll always remember your anniversary and do something special to celebrate.

Wedding Theme

New Year’s Eve is very glam so this is the perfect time to go all out for your wedding theme. Think sparkling dresses, gold and silver colors popping, velvet tablecloths and more. You can even incorporate more sparklers, candles, noisemakers, and confetti!

Here are some cons:

More Expensive

One con of planning a New Year’s Eve wedding is that typically venues will charge extra on holidays.

Venues and Vendors Booked

Make sure you plan your New Year’s Eve wedding ahead of time because most vendors will be booked out months in advance.

Guests May Have Other Plans

It’s important you send out invites way in advance so that your guests have the time to plan ahead. Most people make plans for New Year’sEve so expect that some invitees may decline.

As you can see, planning a New Year’s Eve wedding takes some planning. If you’re looking for help planning your own, contact our elopement wedding planners today, and we’ll create your dream holiday wedding!

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Here’s Why You Should Plan a Winter Wedding

Most weddings occur in the summer, when there’s perfect weather and beautiful blooms, but having a winter wedding can be so magical! The glistening snow, festive holiday music, and cozy-intimate feelings winter brings make it such a romantic time of year. What better time to plan your special day with our elopement event planners? 

Sure having a wedding in the summer is fun too, but here’s a list of some ideas you could only pull off during a winter wedding ceremony:

Beautiful Furs

Have you seen those stunning wedding photos where the bridal party is wearing classy furs and shawls around their shoulders? This could be your wedding! There’s something so elegant and classy about wearing furs especially at a wedding ceremony.  


Let’s not forget about the best part of having a winter wedding, the snow! The glistening light, the soft glow, and the crisp air makes having snow at your wedding instantly romantic. And of course your wedding pictures will turn out fantastic!

Elaborate Wedding Dresses

In the summer you have to worry about sweating in your wedding dress. Sometimes you may have to pass up on your dream dress because it’s too heavy. The best part about having a winter wedding is you can go all out for your wedding dress without worrying about sweating! You can actually pick a more elaborate dress with more material during a winter wedding. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to planning a winter wedding. If you’re looking to make your dream winter wedding come to life, contact our elopement wedding planners today, and we’ll help your vision come to life!

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Boston Elopement Packages


boston elopement packages

Boston is a beautiful city filled with so much history. There’s an incredible skyline, a mix of greenery and city views and a gorgeous harbor. It’s no wonder why people want to get married in this city with all of its natural beauty and is exactly why we just launched our Boston elopement packages!!

Have you been thinking about planning a pop-up wedding in Boston? We’ve made a list of the pros and cons to help you decide!


Boston has many different venues and offers a little something for everyone! It’s filled with beautiful  buildings, but it also has gorgeous outdoor venues with different views. There’s the harbor, beautiful parks with greenery, and even stunning city views.

Another benefit of getting married in Boston is that you’re surrounded by so much history. Think about it; who wouldn’t want to have a wedding overlooking gorgeous Copley Square and having historic focal points as your backdrop!?


Boston has much natural beauty, but with that comes the four seasons. The weather can be very unpredictable and you have to be prepared to deal with unexpected rain or snow. In the winter months, it can be especially cold so it’s important to plan ahead for that.  We have you covered with great indoor pop-up wedding venues.

Also because Boston is a busy city, there can be a lot of traffic at times. Be aware of any holiday events or celebrations that might be happening.

As you can see, planning a wedding in Boston can be challenging, but timing is everything! It can be hard to plan if you’re not familiar with the city and venues, but luckily our team can help you plan your perfect pop-up wedding.

Get started planning your intimate Boston wedding today!


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