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If you’re recently engaged and beginning the wedding planning process, establishing a timeline is important. It sets the tone for your vendors, so you can search for venues that are available, buy a dress that will be altered in enough time, and find caterers, photographers and florists who are available in the amount of time you need.

The average couple spends approximately 13-18 months planning their wedding, but your timeline can vary depending on the vendors you work with and the vibe you want. If you can be flexible with your timeline, you’ll have more options when planning. However, if you love the idea of eloping or getting married in the city you love with an intimate pop-up wedding, there are vendors like Pop the Knot who have experience planning weddings on a variety of timelines.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a few tips for creating a timeline for your wedding!

The Date of Your Engagement

Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day or on a trip at the end of the summer? The date of your proposal will impact your wedding planning process. For instance, if you’d like a fall wedding after getting engaged in February, you’ll need to be willing to plan your wedding in eight months if you don’t want to wait a year and a half.

No matter how short or long your timeline, a wedding planner is a great first vendor to book. They can help you find and book vendors, and manage the small and large details for you.

Ideal Honeymoon Time

As you discuss your wedding with a wedding coordinator, they may ask you when you’d like to take your honeymoon. Depending on your career, you might need to plan your honeymoon in the summer when you’re off work or in a specific month of the year when your company is out of its busy season.

Many couples wish to leave for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, so determining your ideal honeymoon month is important when establishing your timeline. You may find you only have six months to plan your wedding in order to honeymoon at the best time. Another option is getting married and waiting a few months to leave for your honeymoon—especially if you’d like to build in more time to plan your wedding.

The Next Steps 

Whether you have short-term or long-term wedding plans, Pop the Knot can help you find pop-up wedding venues in public places that are affordable and match your aesthetic. Many venues also give discounts if you’re willing to get married on a Friday or Sunday.

The same goes for musicians, florists, photographers and caterers—if you’re willing to be flexible and open to getting married on one of the less popular days, you’ll have no problem booking vendors in the timeline you need.

If you’re planning a wedding with a short turnaround time, it’s also possible to save time by picking a dress that already fits you perfectly and doesn’t need alterations.

If you want a quick, pop-up wedding that’s stress-free, Pop The Knot can help create your perfect day. Contact us today!